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Guide to Consider When Writing an Author Bio

Writing your own author bio may be difficult especially when you intend to inform your readers more by making you and your books more interesting. Your fans need to know more about you and your latest works thus you need to update your profile regularly in online platforms that allows authors to publish their profiles. This guide will help you write a great bio that will inform your readers about yourself and your works.

First and foremost you should always write your bio in the third person pronoun. After writing your bio always reread it several times to ensure you are not missing anything and also to remove unnecessary information. Even though the bio is all about you and your works you need to know that your bio is all about your readers and how they can learn from your information. When writing your bio you should always consider yourself the object and your reader the subject since they are the ones to learn from you.

Always be truthful in any information you write in your bio since your bio needs to be credible and not to exaggerate just to amuse your readers. Be honest when writing your bio to ensure that when your readers do not question the accuracy and reliability of your bio. To ensure that you support your credibility in your bio, you need to list your qualification that indicate you are knowledgeable enough to write about a certain topic. Remember that this is your opportunity to answer arising questions when readers go through your bio hence you should include all meaningful facts about you.

Knowing what matters most to your readers when they read your bio will guide you to know which parts to limit information and which ones to write more. Usually, you readers may not care about the companies you have started, awards you have won or which journals you were published and so you may consider omitting such information and include your major interests and values. Make sure to use your bio to write what you can do to for your readers that will benefit them by reading your bio.

You can humbly include your achievements by not bragging much and therefore you should use the third person pronoun instead of the first person. Listing awards you have received recently and over the past that have always made you proud can also be very relevant that you include in your bio provided that they are connected to the subject. Your bio needs to be precise hence you should always avoid writing something extremely long. Try to keep your bio short like other authors bio in the website and to avoid giving in details information especially your accomplishments.

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