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Indie Films Promote Creativity

Have you ever seen an indie film or a short film? The name indie film comes from the word independent. An indie film does not have major producers and sets like a large film studio. Instead new creative ideas are allowed to emerge. With the advancement of Technology a lot more people are able to become an indie filmmaker. This article will explore the world of Indie filmmaking.

The most important part of any indie film is the crew. Different crew members will have different responsibilities. The crew has to have a lot of passion and heart and soul in order for it to work. Another traits of an indie filmmaker are meticulous organization. Indie filmmakers have surprises all the time. With great organization you will be able to keep your priorities aligned. One way to keep your crew organized is to have one person responsible for the permit and the paperwork.

Another aspect to Indie filmmaking is budgeting. It can take a lot of money to make a short film. This is why you have to budget. Staying true to your budget will help you have a smoother experience. Being Frugal and shopping at places like thrift stores or goodwill are a great way to keep costs low. Still even with the best planning you are most likely to go a little over budget. Which is why it is vital that you control the parts of the budget that you are able to.

One way you can save money is by promoting your film on social media. Don’t wait until the show is finished to begin promoting. Creating a post once a week to remind everyone about the film you were making is a good start. Successful Indie filmmakers are also very resourceful. Make sure you take into consideration all of the different technologies you have to use on your phone. For example smartphone applications can cause wonderful film effects without costing a lot of money.

Surprises and obstacles are going to arise for an indie filmmaker. Don’t forget the reason you started the film in the first place. If one specific part of the filmmaking process is causing you pain consider changing it all together. You can also try to get your indie film funded online.

For this you will need to be able to present your movie in a way that is appealing. Your pitch can focus on what makes your movie stand apart from others. Having a visual representation of your pitch like a trailer will help your indie go further. People will also be able to admire your filmmaking skills.

Indie films are a fun way to enjoy art. Participating in an indie film is a life-changing experience. You will meet a lot of wonderful people on your journey into the world of Indie filmmaking.

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