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A Guide to Selecting a Great Digital Magazine Publisher.

As opposed to the past where people had to depend on publishing houses in order to own a magazine, it is now possible to do this in the digital platform. Given the number of digital magazine publishers present, it can be hard to make a choice especially when you are not sure. However, there is a simple way to use in determining who you should work with in digital publishing. You need a publisher who can build a responsive magazine and this is not just about what the firm tells you but rather the evidence they have. When it comes to responsiveness of the magazine, it should be easy for readers who are using computers, smartphones or even tablets to get the content displayed well in the screens they have because anything less that will not motivate the reader to read up to the very end. Never should you go for someone who publishes your magazine in PDF form because only people with large screens will be able to read this with ease. You should go for not just responsiveness but also interactiveness. Compared to reading the magazine on the web, readers will appreciate more if they can just get the magazine in an app. You should ask the digital publisher you are considering working with if there is a team of professionals who are behind the scenes capable of software development.

You will not pay a lot of money for the app development if it is the digital magazine publisher who is doing it for you. An app is an important tool is brand recognition just like having a social media handle and also websites. Also, you can open a whole new channel to reach more people and increase the amount of revenue you are getting. Discuss the payment terms before you make a commitment you might not be able to tear yourself from. The payment terms of the publishing company will have a direct effect on the amount of money you will take home which is why you cannot afford to take this for granted. You are likely to pay in terms of a monthly fee or just a commission but you should decide on the option you are most comfortable with.

When you are running a magazine, whether digital or hard copy, you should be in charge of what gets printed or not. Some digital magazine publishing companies might allow you to do your own design publications while others won’t but you need to factor in the amount of freedom you need before saying yes to a deal you will regret in the future. At times you will need to develop content from scratch while in some cases it might just be updating what you already have and in this case, you should have the ability to make the changes and updates in a few simple clicks. The publisher should also be checking out your magazine to tell you what to improve on.

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