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New information technology services range from; web hosting, tech-support companies, and internet support providers Information technology services encompass various jobs which are; programmers, IT specialist, technical team, software and hardware engineers, website developers and network engineers.

Cyberattack is any wrongful activity performed with an aim to alter the functioning or gain unauthorized information from computer networks, computer information systems or personal computer devices. To try and gain unauthorized entry into a computer system, a cyber-attack hacker can try either of the following procedures; denial of services(DOS), malware, phishing, session hijacking, structured query language, and cross-site scripting

In phishing attacks the attackers send you an email which has some warning in it, for example, “someone tried to log into your email address. Click the link below to protect your email address from an unknown log in.” Upon clicking the link, the user ends up installing a malware into their computer. Phishing attacks are focused on the user’s emotions and personal desires which are likely to influence them to click on the sent link.

Phishing attacks may take various forms which are; clone phishing, spear attacks, whaling, pharming and clone phishing. Attacks aimed at fetching a company’s data, company’s intellectual property and personal credential are some of the reasons why whaling attacks focus on high profile targets. Cloning attacks happens when a user receives a clone of a valid message they had received earlier but there is a bit of change made to it by the attacker to trap the user. By getting details such as a company’s email address and website, the company’s logo, an attacker is able to craft an email that looks real to the specific target who happens to be the high profile workers in a company and once clicked a malware is installed therefore altering the normal function of a computer.

A range of email protection procedures exist and are namely; spam filters, use of certified antivirus, strong passwords, and change of email passwords. A program designed to stop false emails from getting into a user’s inbox is called a spam filter Email filtering which involves organizing emails in a specific manner ensures removal of spam and computer viruses. Email filtering can take the form of; inbound filtering or outbound filtering.

Scanning of a message delivered on the internet by a filtering system is knowing as inbound filtering. Pending messages from a local user are first scanned before been allowed over the internet in a process known as outbound filtering.Mail filters can also be used to check outgoing emails more so in a company to ensure that employees do not send inappropriate messages.

What You Should Know About Support This Year

What You Should Know About Support This Year